Love is cake, cake is kind

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. Love is cake. Ah, I can never remember my Bible verses … And now on top of that I’m going to boast, when telling you about this mean beast […]

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Soup for ones

Way back when, Carrie on “Sex and the city” looked into what she called “secret single behavior”. Those things you do when no one is there to watch you. Well, I’m a grass widow this week and it seems my secret single behavior is having nothing but hot […]


Sweet creations

I’m obsessed with desserts at the moment, much thanks to TV-shows like The Great Swedish Bake Off and Top Chef: Desserts. I watch in awe, mentally inhaling all of their tips and tricks. When something particularly enticing, usually chocolate, is going on, I go mute and lean […]

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Cookie, though

One of the best things about writing a food blog is all the research you have to do to come up with new things to write about. Research, that sounds pretty boring, you might say. But no. Menus are like porn to me. Googling cakes […]


A matter of seconds

I made this wonderful, fresh, spicy, acidulous pad thai a while back, thinking it would be a homerun. Since my boyfriend’s spent a lot of time in Thailand and is known for his love for coriander and chili pepper, it was with pride and confidence I set the pan on […]


Home of the brave

My boyfriend and I bought a house. It’s very exciting and extremely terrifying. We’re both over 30, but I can’t help but feel that we’re way too young to be home owners. Having a house is for the real grown ups who’ve been grown up forever and […]


The shoemaker’s wife

Speaking about shoes and Sweden, this dish is called Shoemaker’s box and is yet another classic. It’s robust and substantial and makes for either a great weekend celebration dinner or a comfort meal during a rough week. There’s always a reason to eat great, isn’t there? A […]


The Swedest thing

If you ever happen to visit Sweden, there are a few things you should try to keep in mind. For example, you must always take your shoes off when you enter someone’s home. You see, in Sweden, we have weather and if you walk in […]


Fall back in love

When I get caught up in my end of summer-melancholia and think life as I know it is over and done with, it’s mostly because I forget how much I actually love fall. I might not be to crazy about those fifty shades of gray […]

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Clean cooking

Thursday cooking needs to be a quick fix since it’s my cleaning day and I’m too busy getting my home ready for the weekend to be bothered with stews and casseroles. Thursday is for scrubbing the bathroom tile, so I can spend Friday happily stirring […]


When life gives you lemons

I’ve had a painter at my house for the past two days. He’s fixing my windows and besides demanding a lot of small talk and spilling a cup of coffee on the floor, he’s very nice. However, my place is a mess. I have deep windowsills […]

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Seize the Monday

Monday, week two of work after vacation, driving home from the office. The weather glorious and our depression total. The downside of having time off is the contrast to when you don’t anymore, and as we sat in the car and realized the day was quickly […]


Grandma style

When I grew up, stewed fruit with milk was a regular summertime dinner.  Well, actually not just in the summertime and not just for dinner, stewed fruit was both a popular in-betweener (as in in-between meals) and dessert at daycare and school. I don’t know […]

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Easy pick ups

Another thing to do to get rid of the end of summer-angst, besides overdosing strawberries, is to skip town and slow down. I went to my in-laws’ summer house for a few days and got busy doing the usual nothing: reading, dog walking and baking. I […]

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