Simply red at Polo

Eating out

One of my goals with the trip to Italy was to eat pasta at least once a day. (The others were: 1. eat gelato at least once a day, 2. eat lots of fish and seafood, 3. wear a dress/skirt every day, 4. send post cards to your family. I did all of them except number 4. I blame food coma and Prosecco haze.)

One place that really delivered on the pasta front was Polo, a relaxed and unpretentious yet fantastic ristorante close to the sea. As the picture tells you, I went all in an ordered lobster spaghetti, that came in a tomato and chili sauce. For dessert I had tiramisu. All this, plus my b-friend’s three courses, plus a bottle of wine and a bottle of water, plus cover charge, was only about 65 euros. Crazy cheap if you compare to what it would have been in Sweden.

It’s just something about lobster. When I was little, my mom told me and my brother that we didn’t like it and made us hamburgers instead. Later, she confessed it was too expensive to waste on two little brats, but I grew up thinking lobster really wasn’t all that. Yes, I was wrong. Lobster is very much the shit. I guess part of it is I feel somewhat exclusive when I eat it, even though I’m really clumsy with the lobster tong. The other part of it is that it tastes like, you know, amazing. Lobster and spaghetti. What a simple yet fantastic combo.

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Malin Ågren is a copywriter living in Sweden. Food is her number one hobby.

7 thoughts on “Simply red at Polo”

  1. Hi, I am from Pesaro and – funny coincidence – I was at Polo on Wednesday evening with a few friends. It’s a great restaurant even though I only had a Cesar Salad – as I’m on diet 😦
    I too may post something about this good restaurant by the sea!
    Glad you enjoyed your stay in Pesaro (or at least at Polo!)


    • You lucky girl! I loved Pesaro, both the town and the food! Polo was my favorite, went there twice. If you get off your diet, I can recommend their tiramisu, if not they had a fantastic swordfish steak and an avocado appeitzer from heaven 🙂


      • Grazie mille for your advice! Tiramisu is my favourite dessert and I’ll certainly have it next time. I’ll try all your suggestions! Ain’t that funny that a ‘Pesarese’ gets hints about what to order in a Pesarese restaurant from a tourist? I think it’s great. That’s one of the Global Village’s sunny aspects! If you ever come to Pesaro tell me and I’ll give you a couple of tips 🙂


      • You’re welcome 🙂 Hopefully I’ll come back and then I’ll definitely ask you for a list on what to do and where to eat!


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