Every day could be waffle day

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Eating out

It could be that my love for great food  and delicious sweets is innate, due to the fact that I was born on the Waffle Day. Yes, it’s true, in Sweden we have dedicated the whole day of March 25th to the crispy, golden waffle. The traditions around this day are very simple: eat as much waffles as you possibly can.

Maybe because it’s my birthday (and as we all know, birthdays are consecrated to cake) but I’ve never eaten that many waffles on the actual Waffle Day. It’s happened a couple of times or so, but usually, I put other, more substantial, things on the wish list for my birthday dinner. That doesn’t mean I don’t like them, though. On the contrary, I love a good waffle with some cloudberry jam and whipped cream every now and then.

My boyfriend claims, in all humility, he’s the waffle master in at least all of Sweden, possibly also in the entire world. He does make very, very good waffles, I’ll give him that. I especially appreciate his unexpected toppings, like condensed milk, fruits and berries. However, the best waffles I’ve ever had were made from a food truck in Brussels a few years back. In Belgium, they call them gaufres, and there were these waffle trucks almost everywhere you went. You can get them plain or with topping, and since I’m a chocoholic I obviously chose chocolate sauce. It was a perfect gaufre: crispy and greasy and then the sweet, Belgian chocolate on top of it. A great snack, a festive breakfast or just a nice treat.

Food trucks, gelaterias and coffee shops are some of the things I love about travelling. All those quick bites that make your day just a little bit more exotic and new.

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Malin Ågren is a copywriter living in Sweden. Food is her number one hobby.

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