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Eating out

One of my favorite hobbies, besides cooking and writing, is pondering What would you do if-questions. You know, important ones like “How would you divide the sum in your saving accounts if you won $100 000?”, “Who would you date if you were single (and assumed they were willing)”, “Where would you go if money and time wasn’t an issue?”, “What would you rather be: blind, deaf or mute?”, “What kitchen would you choose if you could only eat from one for the rest of your life?”, “What kind of super power would you have?”.

Then I make myself think about this until I feel like I have solved the question perfectly. (25 % on Fun, 25 on Buffert and 50 on Project House / it varies, but right now I’m leaning towards Rupert Friend / Antarctica and Bora Bora / mute / Italian / teleportation.) It can be really time consuming, because I can’t move on until I have found a satisfying hypothetical answer and sometimes it’s very tricky.

One of these questions is what kind of restaurant I would run if I was ever going to cook for a living. I’ve been thinking about a pancake restaurant, a small B&B with a humongous breakfast and/or a humongous dinner, or a café in an old church, or a catering business that only works with small parties. I haven’t come up with the perfect answer yet, which bothers me, but I am pretty sure it would be the kind of place where you get one big plate for everyone and then share. I love these kind of family style restaurants, it feels so rustic and generous. The Scoglio-pan on the picture is from Italy, but actually I think the best family style dinner I’ve ever had was on Lefkada, Greece.

Ta Kalamia is right on the tourist trap route, but it’s far from being one. It looks pretty modest from the outside, but it’s absolutely beautiful on the inside with the prettiest little garden. It’s the perfect spot for a wedding reception or birthday celebration. They live by a no menu-philosphy, so all you have to do is decide whether you would like fish, seafood or meat. And then the food just keeps coming. And coming. And coming.

We had fish and seafood, and you could tell just by the starter salad this was going to be pretty damn good. Another thing I really appreciated is that some of the plates were served by the chef himself. It felt relaxed and unpretentious and as they took their cooking really serious at the same time. As a proper restaurant should. Yes, if I were to run a restaurant, it would definitely be a family style kind of place. On some kind of island. Where it’s warm. And the water is turqoise.

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Malin Ågren is a copywriter living in Sweden. Food is her number one hobby.

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