Month: July 2015

Easy pick ups

Another thing to do to get rid of the end of summer-angst, besides overdosing strawberries, is to skip town and slow down. I went to my in-laws’ summer house for a few days and got busy doing the usual nothing: reading, dog walking and baking. I […]

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Summer season

I’ve been hit by summer sentimentality. Those of you who don’t live in the northern part of the world probably don’t recognize this emotion, so let me explain: In Scandinavia, and more specifically in Sweden where I happen to live, summer is a rare and […]


Rules of attraction

You know that old don’t judge a book by its cover-saying? When it comes to attraction, everybody pretends not to care about the outside as long as what’s on the inside is sweet and lovely but come on. Looks matters. Smell too. Taste. And yes, […]

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Chop-chop, relax

I’m back home and back to cooking. Well, cooking in moderation, since I think summer is definitely the time to cut corners and cheat a little. This doesn’t have to mean turning to unhealthy fast food, there’s still plenty you can do to get a […]

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French connected Southern comfort

Since I’m on vacation getting spoiled out of my mind and all, I haven’t done much cooking lately. Close to none, actually. Yesterday was a much needed break from this lazy routine as we had my friends Pat and Ashlee over for breakfast and I […]


Do(ughnut) what you want

When you’re a child, you dream of the day when you’ll finally be old enough to decide for yourself. Yeah, because when you’re all grown up, you’ll have ice cream for dinner, you’ll never leave when it’s the most fun and you’ll never go to […]

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Speak is easy

“This can’t be it? There’s no sign or nothing. It looks completely dead.” “But the address is right. And look, there’s some people standing outside, let’s ask them.” “No! It’s embarrassing. Let’s circle.” Me and my American mom Annette were circling The Division, Nashville’s trendiest […]

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Don’t cry over a spoiled vacation

Even though I love cooking, there’s nothing better than being spoiled rotten every now and then. Like right now, for instance, when I’m vacaying at my former host parents’ house in North Georgia. Whenever I come over to visit it’s pretty much all about making […]

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