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Staying in

Thursday cooking needs to be a quick fix since it’s my cleaning day and I’m too busy getting my home ready for the weekend to be bothered with stews and casseroles. Thursday is for scrubbing the bathroom tile, so I can spend Friday happily stirring the pots (and lie on the couch with a glass of red).

When it comes to cleaning, I’m somewhat compulsive. I thrive on shining sinks and polished windows. There are times when I wish I was more relaxed, like when I can’t not clean the oven even if I haven’t used it in two weeks, but I have so far never ever unclogged the shower drain myself so I think I still have some leeway.

This cleaning compulsion does collide a little bit with my love for cooking, though. It’s hard, almost impossible I’d say, to cook without making at least a little bit of a mess. Normally, I try to ignore this for the greater good of food and clean up as I go, but on Thursdays I limit my cooking to a minimum to enjoy that feeling of having a completely immaculate kitchen. (I also avoid using the bathroom for a couple of hours after cleaning it. But that’s just what people do.)

This salmon is the perfect cleaning dinner. Glazed with honey, balsamic vinegar and olive oil and seasoned with salt, pepper and brown sugar it adds a little twist to that old salmon and makes it more festive. It’s quick, easy and almost completely mess free. Serve with polenta and you have a wonderful dinner in less than 30 minutes.

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Malin Ågren is a copywriter living in Sweden. Food is her number one hobby.

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