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Something sweet

I’m obsessed with desserts at the moment, much thanks to TV-shows like The Great Swedish Bake Off and Top Chef: Desserts. I watch in awe, mentally inhaling all of their tips and tricks. When something particularly enticing, usually chocolate, is going on, I go mute and lean forward, completely oblivious of anything else. Any attempt of conversation is lost on me.

Shows like these make me want to quit my job and become a pastrycook instead. (Apart from the tiny detail that bakers need to get up in the middle of night and I get slightly suicidal from lack of sleep) I think I’d be very happy living a life amongst rising doughs and piping bags. I just can’t imagine what kind of problem you would have if the sole purpose of your day was to create beautiful sweets for others to enjoy.

The baking shows make me want to up my dessert game. I now feel like I need to be at a level where I create, instead of just recreate. Ever since I was in Italy this spring and had a wonderful mascarpone cream for dessert, I’ve been wanting to make something similar so I came up with this trifle-inspired thing: Mascarpone cream in layers with caramel sauce and pecans caramelized in muscovado sugar topped with red currants. The only real challenge was not burning the sugar and set off the fire alarm again, besides that it was mostly just whipping, stirring and plating. Simple and straightforward, but if I was a jury member on Top Chef I’d definitely kept me in the competition.

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Malin Ågren is a copywriter living in Sweden. Food is her number one hobby.

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