Love is cake, cake is kind

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Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. Love is cake.

Ah, I can never remember my Bible verses … And now on top of that I’m going to boast, when telling you about this mean beast of a birthday cake I made for my love’s birthday. The ingenious part about this cake is that it’s both dinner and dessert in one, which is great when you’ve worked long hours and the time to make magic happen is limited, but you still want to make your special someone feel extra birthday special.

In advertisement, where I work, we talk a lot about USP, unique selling points. My pancake-making skills are probably one of the top three USP:s for my boyfriend. Making pancakes every now and then is how I ensure that love-account is comfortably full. However, pancakes does not feel that festive, and you definitely do want birthdays to be festive. Enter the pancake cake.

If you do not know what a pancake cake is, I’ll let you in on the secret. Make a stack of pancakes, preferably Swedish. Place one pancake on a platter, put something delicious on it, then place another pancake on top of that, put something else but equally delicious on top of that, place another pancake on top of that, put something … You get it. Make a pancake tower with lots of good stuff in between the layers.

I used dulce de leche, mascarpone and hazel nuts on my layers and decorated the cake with raspberries, hazel nuts and sweetened condensed milk. You could use jam and whipped cream, chocolate sauce, bananans and meringue, any kind of berry or fruit. Love keeps no record of wrongs, you know, and making cake is the kindest thing there is.

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Malin Ågren is a copywriter living in Sweden. Food is her number one hobby.

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