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The Swedest thing

If you ever happen to visit Sweden, there are a few things you should try to keep in mind. For example, you must always take your shoes off when you enter someone’s home. You see, in Sweden, we have weather and if you walk in […]


Rules of attraction

You know that old don’t judge a book by its cover-saying? When it comes to attraction, everybody pretends not to care about the outside as long as what’s on the inside is sweet and lovely but come on. Looks matters. Smell too. Taste. And yes, […]

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Do(ughnut) what you want

When you’re a child, you dream of the day when you’ll finally be old enough to decide for yourself. Yeah, because when you’re all grown up, you’ll have ice cream for dinner, you’ll never leave when it’s the most fun and you’ll never go to […]

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Speak is easy

“This can’t be it? There’s no sign or nothing. It looks completely dead.” “But the address is right. And look, there’s some people standing outside, let’s ask them.” “No! It’s embarrassing. Let’s circle.” Me and my American mom Annette were circling The Division, Nashville’s trendiest […]

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Shop till you drop

If I learned to love cooking while I was nannying in England, I also learned to hate grocery shopping. Since cooking and meal planning was all up to me, it was also my job to get everything necessary at the store. With a family of […]

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Customer’s point of view

Let’s talk about service, shall we? Last Saturday I went out to a restaurant I’ve been wanting to try for some time now. I’ve been to their bar before and they have excellent, fun and different, drinks and the decoration is very sharp too. The […]

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Family first

One of my favorite hobbies, besides cooking and writing, is pondering What would you do if-questions. You know, important ones like “How would you divide the sum in your saving accounts if you won $100 000?”, “Who would you date if you were single (and assumed they were willing)”, […]

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Southern hospitality at Husk

When I grew up in the late 80’s and early 90’s, we hardly ever went out to eat. Part of it probably had to do with culture; in Sweden at that time fast food restaurants were still new and rare, so everybody would pack a […]

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Every day could be waffle day

It could be that my love for great food  and delicious sweets is innate, due to the fact that I was born on the Waffle Day. Yes, it’s true, in Sweden we have dedicated the whole day of March 25th to the crispy, golden waffle. The traditions […]

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Turn in at the straightaway

I forgot one very important thing about potatoes in my last post: you can sweeten ’em too. No, you can’t really, but you can buy yourself some nice sweet potatoes and boil ’em, fry’em, bake ’em, mash ’em, gratinate ’em … Or, you could just […]

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Cuppa cappuccino

I know I’ve already told you about all of the cappuccino I had while in Italy, but since it was such a major part of my holiday I think it deserves a post of its own. At home, I’m not a big coffee drinker. There […]

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Good to go

I hate travelling. I mean, hate the physical act of travelling. The packing and unpacking, the lugging of heavy bags, the security check at the airport, the absolute need to be on time, the “Where’s my passport? Where’s my ticket? Where’s the bathroom? Do I have time […]

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High carb, high fat

You know how some people get really into all of these new gluten free, low carb, stone age diets? I’m not one of them. My diet is more high carb, high fat, lots of sugar and then some red meat on top of that. I’m […]

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Simply red at Polo

One of my goals with the trip to Italy was to eat pasta at least once a day. (The others were: 1. eat gelato at least once a day, 2. eat lots of fish and seafood, 3. wear a dress/skirt every day, 4. send post […]


La dolce vita

Easter seemed like the perfect time to for a trip to Italy: not too hot, not too crowded, not too expensive. This is why I just spent about a week in Pesaro, a small town on the east coast. Our hotel was located right between […]

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