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When life gives you lemons

I’ve had a painter at my house for the past two days. He’s fixing my windows and besides demanding a lot of small talk and spilling a cup of coffee on the floor, he’s very nice. However, my place is a mess. I have deep windowsills […]

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Summer season

I’ve been hit by summer sentimentality. Those of you who don’t live in the northern part of the world probably don’t recognize this emotion, so let me explain: In Scandinavia, and more specifically in Sweden where I happen to live, summer is a rare and […]


Tough love

I never should have written about my onion-chopping and the need for a sharp knife. I think I jinxed it. All of a sudden, my knife has gone blunt and I slip here and there, which makes me terrifired I’ll accidentally chop some vital body part off. So […]


Complements to the chef

When I was asked to write a post about my favorite kitchen utensils, my immediate response was “but I don’t have any”. This is obviously not true, but my reaction is typical. I’d say I have a pretty complex relationship to my cooking. I’m either […]