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Love is cake, cake is kind

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. Love is cake. Ah, I can never remember my Bible verses … And now on top of that I’m going to boast, when telling you about this mean beast […]

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Sweet creations

I’m obsessed with desserts at the moment, much thanks to TV-shows like The Great Swedish Bake Off and Top Chef: Desserts. I watch in awe, mentally inhaling all of their tips and tricks. When something particularly enticing, usually chocolate, is going on, I go mute and lean […]

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Cookie, though

One of the best things about writing a food blog is all the research you have to do to come up with new things to write about. Research, that sounds pretty boring, you might say. But no. Menus are like porn to me. Googling cakes […]


Easy pick ups

Another thing to do to get rid of the end of summer-angst, besides overdosing strawberries, is to skip town and slow down. I went to my in-laws’ summer house for a few days and got busy doing the usual nothing: reading, dog walking and baking. I […]

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A Midsummer night’s dream

”No, it’s fine, we can just scrape off the black parts, just like when I was a kid and my dad had burnt the toast. You didn’t get a new one, no, you worked with what you got!” It’s Midsummer this weekend and I have […]


Bake it happen

Whenever I have a couple of rough weeks at work, my mind immediately turns to baking for comfort. I don’t know what it is, but baking seems like the solution to all my problems and I have this feeling everything would be better if only […]

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The rhubarb redemption

On Sunday, I was supposed to make magic happen. That was the plan. Sunday dinners should be something else, that’s the rule. I’d been looking through cookbooks, contemplating what my something new for the week would be. My mind was set on dessert, and I […]

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Ice cream bucket challenge

You know the feeling when you’ve eaten half of your dessert and go “I think that’s enough, I’m satisfied”? No? Well, I didn’t either until I tried these Peanut Butter Ice Cream Sandwiches. They are incredibly rich (might be because I freestyled a little and made the […]

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Brunette goes blonde

My try something new this week were these blondies. I made them thinking brownies are a lot more fun, but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. Although I will always have a preference for chocolate (because it’s chocolate and chocolate is chocolate is […]

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All fired up

I did it! I flambéed something! I put a few pears in a pan, poured some Grand Marnier on it AND PUT THE WHOLE SHIT ON FIRE! This is bigger than conquerring my fear of the steak, ballsier than the Wellington, more elaborate than making […]

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Friday night bites

I’ve discovered a major flaw in the whole calendar-system. Are you ready for it? OK, here it comes: there are at least two Mondays for every Friday. There must be, I can’t find any other explanation. Now I don’t exactly know how it works, because […]

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Of course it’s personal

If you’re cooking a lot and like to try new things, at times, you’re gonna fail. This is the part of cooking I hate. I take failures in the kitchen very personally. Spending hours making something that doesn’t come out the way you wanted it […]


Plating your plate

I’m ridiculously happy with how I plated this. “Ridiculously” being the operative word. I mean, it’s not like I invented the wheel or anything, I just sprinkled some raspberries on top of my raspberry brownies. In terms of creativity, I’d give it a 3 out […]

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The “good” in good mornings

I love breakfast. Sometimes when I’m bored, I fantasize about checking in to a fancy hotel, slip under the duvet, order room service and watch TV all night. And in the morning, have breakfast for like three hours. (The fantasy is mostly about the breakfast, […]

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Size matters

In Sweden, the cinnamon bun is serious business. It’s a classic, like American brownies and English shortbread. Everyone has their own secret recipe, usually one that’s been handed down from generation to generation. And of course, everybody claims their take on the bun is absolutely […]